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Fire Damage

Control Fire Damage with Expertise, Speed, and Efficiency

Fire is one of the scariest things that people have ever seen or heard of. Nothing scares people more quickly than seeing flames moving quickly. But it’s rare for regular people to know the basics of fire harm. Keep reading to learn some simple things. 

What Does Fire Damage Mean?

It goes without saying that fires do a lot of damage to people, animals, homes, and other things. Fire damage can be very dangerous because it can range from black soot to destroying the whole building.

How Hard It Is to Fix Fire Damage

We feel better when the fires go out. Yes, that is a relief, but putting out the fire starts the harm right away. Most or all of the time, people don’t realize how much damage a fire can do. A fire does a lot of damage with smoke and soot, as well as to building foundations and properties that are on fire. There is a strong smell that comes from flames that stays even after the fire is out. Soot also spreads out and stays put for a long time. You can find it in electronics, appliances, and pipes.

Also, buildings that aren’t totally destroyed by fire have damage that can be seen, like stains and discolorations. The floor and frame become brittle when there are flames. What most people don’t seem to notice is that fire damage likes water damage. The water used to put out the fire hurts the buildings that were hit. The water gets on the building itself, as well as electric tools and furniture. You are more likely to get mold if you let water stay for a long time, especially in cracks inside the house where water can get in.

Fire Damage: What Causes and Effects

There are many things that can start a fire. There are many things that can go wrong and cause a fire, from careless behavior to broken power lines. Also, water and power don’t go well together. There are cracks in the walls where water can get in and connect with electric lines or circuits. Over time, water wears away at the lines’ parts and damages the electric channels, which can lead to fires. Damage to property from fires is estimated to be more than $25.5 billion. It makes sense that fire damage has become a big economic problem, especially for people who are already struggling. 

The following are some other losses caused by fire.

  • Too much trash that needs to be cleaned up
  • Buildings that have falling parts that can cause accidents and harm
  • Burns or other injuries
  • Death in the worst cases

How Does Louisville Water Damage Restoration Help You Handle Fire Damage?

The professionals we work with know how to handle different types of fire damage. They look at the damage and the fire’s cause and come up with a plan for cleaning up and running the business. The steps they take to deal with fire damage depend on where the fire started and how bad the damage is.

With our tools and skills, we can not only put out fires, but also keep them from happening in the first place. Louisville Water Damage Restoration is especially good at fixing fire damage caused by water getting into electric wires. We also take care of fires that start for other reasons, like broken electronics or crashes involving open flames.

We follow safety rules that keep both the people who live in the affected homes and ourselves safe while we work in fire-damaged areas. Also, our methods are in line with what the market expects. Our workers use methods for dealing with and fixing fire damage that are approved by the industry.

Remember to call us if you see fire damage in your home or someone else’s. We care most about your safety. Our 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service is here to help you quickly and safely.

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